Happy birthday, Lisa!!!


My dear friend! I thank God for our meeting!
You're treasure! Good, nice, wise, generous and attentive!
 (And you're making best cookies!))
I miss and dream about our meeting!

This is for you:

... and these flowers are for you!

I love you, my dear! Happy Birthday!

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2 коммент.

  1. Нет слов!!!!!!!!!!!!! Леночка - это потрясающе!!!! Мне прям расплакаться захотелось ))) так меня это растрогало!!!))

  2. My dear Lena! Thank you so much!!!! How very sweet! I thank God for you! You are a special friend! I miss having tea, doing projects, and just living life together side by side in person! I send you a hug! Love, Lisa